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Leaf VPN APK 1.14

Leaf VPN APK 1.14
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Leaf is a secure Tor-like VPN provides one-tap unlimited free service for you.

All you know that Tor is the most secure way for browsing the internet, but the speed is terrible and many websites are blocking it.

Leaf VPN works mostly the same way as Tor. It allows your traffic route through multiple VPN nodes, only the entry node can see your IP address, only the exit node can see what you're browsing, so that no single node can see both of them. You get the maximum safety.

We have hundreds or even thousands of nodes for you, they are free VPN nodes crawled from the Web. Node pool is updated every day, only the latest version of Leaf VPN app can fetch the latest node list, please keep it up-to-date.

Please make a donation to support our service, we accept crypto currencies via the following Ethereum address:


The techniques adopted by Leaf VPN are open sourced, you could deploy your own VPN server for non-Android OS with the following resources:

* https://www.vultr.com/?ref=9154349-8H
* https://github.com/eycorsican/leaf

=== Leaf VPN for iOS ===


Just an update, nothing changed, but you still should update ASAP since we'll deprecate old versions.
Leaf VPN APK 1.14

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